Hindu deity

Hindu deity
a deity worshipped by the Hindus
Topics: ↑Hinduism, ↑Hindooism
Hypernyms: ↑deity, ↑divinity, ↑god, ↑immortal
Aditya, ↑Ahura, ↑Asvins, ↑Dharma, ↑Garuda, ↑Marut, ↑Ribhus, ↑Rhibhus, ↑Soma, ↑Vajra, ↑avatar
Instance Hyponyms:
Aditi, ↑Agni, ↑Asura, ↑Bhaga, ↑Brahma, ↑Brihaspati, ↑Bhumi Devi, ↑Devi, ↑Chandi, ↑Durga, ↑Dyaus, ↑Dyaus-pitar, ↑Ganesh, ↑Ganesa, ↑Ganesha, ↑Ganapati, ↑Gauri, ↑Hanuman, ↑Indra, ↑Ka, ↑Kali, ↑Kama, ↑Mara, ↑Kartikeya, ↑Karttikeya, ↑Lakshmi, ↑Mitra, ↑Parjanya, ↑Parvati, ↑Anapurna, ↑Annapurna, ↑Prajapati, ↑Pushan, ↑Rahu, ↑Rudra, ↑Sarasvati, ↑Savitar, ↑Shakti, ↑Sakti, ↑Siva, ↑Shiva, ↑Skanda, ↑Surya, ↑Uma, ↑Ushas, ↑Varuna, ↑Vayu, ↑Vishnu, ↑Yama

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